If you don't store customer details, credit card info, etc. on your systems - there's nothing for bad guys to steal!


About Us

 Originally formed in 1990 as CAS Pty Ltd to promote and develop ICT networking and application development in the emerging internet industry, we gained extensive experience working through 2000 tech bubble, the emergence of communications mobility and the need for secure, dependable application development. 

 In 2013 the Company split into two separate entities, AwareIT which focused on cloud and security services and Cloud Ventures which was focused on building applications through the use of tokenization services.    


Tokenization Services

Tokenisation is a service that can benefit every organisation that accepts payments for products and services and/or stores personal and protected data.  At the same time, every  client has different business processes and security priorities, along with needing varying levels of support to achieve their goals. We provide solutions for client specific business requirements specific to tokenization services and support for organisations around the APAC region.

Our vision is to build a partner ecosystem that provides organizations of all types in sectors such as healthcare, retail, eCommerce, financial, non-profit/charities, insurance, and higher education with a comprehensive and cost-effective tokenization and data security solution. 


Why use Tokenization?

Can be applied to multiple channels ...

  •  Business Risk Reduction
  • Tokenized - not encrypted
  • Benefits for PCI compliance
  • Easier to meet privacy requirements
  • Cloud-hosted not on-premi

Our Partners